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My work draws on my own photographs, found objects such as old postcards and views and memories of places that evoke happy times spent with friends and family. My work has a strong sense of place, celebrating the connections of my family and friends to their home towns, cities and communities in London, Cheshire, Yorkshire, the far North of Scotland and my birthplace of West Cumberland. More recently my work has been inspired by the coast of New South Wales, Australia, where both of my daughters now live.

I am inspired by the paintings and prints of German Expressionists.  In my painting and collage I love to experiment with composition and colour. My prints are a mixture of manipulated photographs and digital paintings. I love integrating new technology with traditional methods and mediums to explore the infinite possibilities of reworking old compositions. My ceramics merge the fantastical with memories of my childhood and joyful visits to my youngest sister in Caithness, Scotland. The bothies and cottages are deliberately ambiguous - I like to explore surface and form.


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